CCTV System

DGS Solution has the ability to install CCTV systems which can be monitored in a number of ways including remotely through our control center by your own staff or even through your mobile phone. Systems available include analogue, hybrid and full IP based solutions utilizing the latest technology, and these can be stand-alone or integrated into a wider security management system.

Serial digital interface (SDI) is a family of video interfaces standardized by SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers).

For example, ITU-R BT.656 and SMPTE 259M define digital video interfaces used for broadcast-grade video. A related standard, known as high-definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI), is standardized in SMPTE 292M; this provides a nominal data rate of 1.485 Gbit/s.

CCTV Analog Vs IP

Getting High Quality CCTV is crucial for better protection and safety.

DGS Solution provide the best quality of CCTV in the market!

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